PPJ Enterprise preparing to unveil new ground-breaking automated billing system


RENO, Nev. – PPJ Enterprise, an industry leader in developing more efficient and practical billing solutions for medical practices nationwide, has plans to introduce its new, revolutionary medical billing software system – The Automated Biller.

This new technology will allow physicians to bill their medical insurance claims at the point of service without data entry, coding or billing personnel.

Among the many features included in The Automated Biller that allow individual practices to manage their billing operations more efficiently are:


  • Automatically calculates all complex anesthesia procedures and time accurately, including appropriate modifiers
  • Automated patient appointment calendar
  • Automatically calculates all drugs and supplies used
  • Automatically generates follow-up letters to insurance companies if no payment is received after 30 days
  • Each system is customized to meet medical insurance regulations in the provider’s particular state
  • Automatically generates follow-up reports overnight
  • Daily, weekly and monthly charge, payment, adjustment by each provider
  • Tracking inventory for all medical supplies used
  • Monthly patient count to reconcile with appointment schedule
  • Practice analysis by percentage of payer base such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance
  • Aging Accounts Receivable Account, by number of days (30, 60, 90 and 120) and by insurance
  • Yearly charge, payment, adjustment and financial reports all available online


COMING TOMORROW: How PPJ Enterprise hopes to change the way medical practices do business.



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